pregnancy month by month( seventh month )

Seventh month

Increased fears from early labor because:
-Increasing abdominal size causes pain
-Increasing strech of abdominal skin causes pain
-Presence of false labor pains ( tightening of the abdomen up to 7 times per day , all of the same intensity

True labor pains are more frequent, getting  more intense,abdomen is as hard as bones , may be with rupture of membrane ( passage of fetal fluids )

More pressure symptoms

-Difficult breathing
-More heartburn
-More indigestion
-Frequent micturation
-More swelling in the feet , ankle , hands

Hard to sleep because of

-Increase pressure effect
-Pain in pelvis and legs

More leg cramps from

-Increase blood flow to legs
-Pressure of baby on nerves and vessles
-Decrease of calcium , magnesium , vitamin B

More heat sensation

-Increase hormones
-Increased blood volume and flow
-Using more energy for baby's metabolism
-Doing more effort to move due to overweight

Passage of yellow discharge from the nipples

Nausea and dizziness when you

-Lie on your back
-Changing position from lying down to sitting or standing
-Standing or sitting for a long time

This is because compression of uterus on vessles which bring the blood from the lower body to the heart so ,there is decrease cardiac output causing nausea and hypotension

Fatigue may be due to

low blood sugar
High blood pressure

What to do & what to avoid

To avoid early labor

-Treatment of any vaginal infection which makes the cervix softer and opened easily
-Treatment of urinary tract infection
-Increase fluid intake
-Elevation of feet
-Treatment of any fever

If pain gets more intense visit your doctor

To decrease leg cramps

-Increase calcium intake
-Increase magnsium intake
-Increase vitamin B
-Drink plenty of fluids
-Heat packs
-Light walk
-Leg massage with creams
-Do not stand in one position for a long time
-Move your ankle frequently and do not strech your legs during waking up in the bed
-Take aluminium hydroxide 8 ml before meals to enhance calcium absorption

If there swelling , tenderness , redness consult your doctor immediatley

To avoid nausea and dizziness

-Sit straight to remove compression on vessles
-Lie on your left side
-Don't sit for a long time
-Increase fluid  intake
-Change position from time to time
-Don't stand suddenly from lying position ,stay on your left side for a moment

To avoid anemia

-Take your vitamin which contain adequate iron
-Adequate intake of food rich in iron as ( meat - tuna - lentile -molasses - fruits - veg. )

To avoid low blood sugar

-Eat small frequent meals
-Every 2 hours take any of ( honey - molasses - small piece of choclate - 2 scoops of ice cream - one fruit  )

Don't bend yoursef

Light exercise as walking or swimming

This will make you feel more active and less stressed

To avoid sleeping problems ( 1 hour before sleep)

-Take warm shower
-Massage your body with natural massage oils as cistus oils
-Drink a cup of warm milk

To decrease swelling

-Drink much water
-Don't stand or sit for a long time
-Raise your feet up
-Keep measuring your blood pressure

To remove discharge or crusts from your nipples
Wash them with a cloth with warm water

What my baby looks like

-Weights 1000 g
-More maturation of lungs and brain
-More fat deposition to protect the  baby from being cold after birth

After one week

-Crown rump length 25 cm
-Weights 1100 g
-Turns his head from side to side
-More maturation of muscles
-More vernix
-Disappearance of lanugo hair

After one week

-Length 27 cm
-Weights 1300g
-More fat
-More lung practice
-Mother can know the part which moves

After one week

-Length 29 cm
-Weights 1500 g
-More weight gain
-More lung maturation

How does my baby look in the sonar