Pregnancy month by month (Eighth month )

Eighth month:

This month is similar in its symptoms and precautions to the seventh month.


*Increase pressure symptoms on stomach - diaphragm - urinary bladder causing more heartburn, more difficulty in breathing , more frequent urination.

*Appearance of colostrum from nipples.

* Vaginal discharge becomes more profuse.

It should be diffrentiated from vaginal infection and leakage of amniotic fluid . Visit your doctor if you are not sure.

*More feet swelling.

*More secretion of relaxin hormone from the ovaries to relax the pelvic ligament to accomodate  the growing baby ,this causes more backache and pelvic pain especially after effort and at the end of the day.

*The baby may change his position or make a sudden strong movement + the amniotic fluid is less now ,all together may cause sudden shooting pain or urge to urinate.

*More painless uterine contraction ,decrease with rest and raising your legs up.
Not increasing in power , not accompanied by rupture of membrane
if so ,visit your doctor

*Your baby has to sleep now for hours with no fetal kicks followed by a period of activity , this rythm will continue after labor.

What to do and what to avoid:

The same as the seventh month + more precautions to avoid early labor:

1-Avoid long travels.

2-Avoid standing and sitting for a long time.

3-Avoid extra effort.

4-Avoid bending.

5-Avoid too long especially in up and down streets.

6- Avoid carrying heavy objects.

7-Make intercourse once weekly or every 10 days.

8-No hair dyes or chemicals.

9-Treatment of any vaginal or urinary tract infections.

10-Increase iron intake and iron containing food.

11-Stop calcium tablets after doctor's order and increase calcium containing food.

12-Repeat analysis by doctor's order.

13-Drink plenty of fluids.

What my baby looks like

Your baby weights 1500 g.
More lung maturation.
More fat deposition.

Then the weight ranges from 1800 to 2000 g in the next two weeks.
More storage of iron.
The baby can identify your voice.

At the end of this month the baby's weight is about 2500 g.
More maturation of the muscles , he can strech both legs and neck.
Eyes are opened while awake , closed when asleep.

What my baby looks like in the sonar

Twins at this month:

Twin pregnancy is more tiring bacuse :

-Your body works for three.
-Early and  profound pressure symptoms.
-Uterine contractions all day long and every  day.
-Sleep and rest difficulties.

God modifications for twin pregnancy:

At this month development  modifications are diffrent from a single baby :
-Their weight are less ,to get 2 in a place of one.

-Lung maturation is more fast.

-Fat layer increases more rapidly to protect the baby from being expose to coldness which depresses his respiration.

-The blood volume is increased early in pregnancy to push more food to babies if they come out early.

What to do and what to avoid

Extra effort , some prefere no movement at all .
Prolonged and intense working.
Too much coffiene and cigarettes ( max.3 cups coffee , and 5 cigarettes ).
Coitus better once every week or 10 days.

Let your weight increase in the 6th and 7th month to afford good baby weight if deliverd early, this is according to your age - weight -medical history ,this is your doctor' s decision.

Increase protein intake .

Take more calcium , increase calcium containing food ( milk - cheese - egg ----

Take your multi vitamins .

Increase iron and iron containing food ,the best is molasses 4 tablespoonfull daily.

Drink 10 glasses of water ( don't stop drinking water ).
As water
 Prevents constipation and piles.
Prevents urinary infection.
Makes your skin more shiny.
Decrease edema.

Exercise :
According to your case - your uterus - your medical history , you may or may not allowed for exercise by your doctor.

walking : light walking decreases pregnancy symptoms , improves your circulation , improves your heart , relaxes your body with better sleep.

Swimming :

Lightens your weight.
Strenghthens your muscles and your back.

By your doctor's orders

Take medications to relax your uterus and medications for lung maturation.

What my babies look like:

How my babies look in the sonar: